Adult Hematologist
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Ferdinand LuAdult HematologistSaturday 10-1pm418- Ms. Joan
Adult Pedia Psychiatry
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Jolly BustamanteAdult/Pedia PsychiatryMonday 12pm-4pm418- Ms. Joan
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Althea TiamzonDermatologyMonday , Wednesday 2pm-3pm and Saturday 9am-12nn310-Ms. YukaALL
Dra. Lei Anne HernandezDermatologyTuesday, Thursday 1pm-3pm310-Ms. YukaALL EXCEPT MAXICARE
Dra. Michelle EscaladaDermatologyFriday 4-6pm310-Ms. Yuka
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Gabriel Tan Jr. (NO HMO)DiabetologyTuesday, Thursday and Saturday
418-Ms. Cris EstibanNO CARD ACCEPTED
Dra. Marlisa CalmaDiabetologyTuesday 1pm-3pm418-Ms. Cris EstibanNO CARD ACCEPTED
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Helen MendozaEndocrinologistTuesday and Friday 10-12nn 417-Ms. Ish by appointment (0960565-7439)ALL
Dra. Rochelle SayasEndocrinologistMonday , Wednesday , Friday , Saturday 11am-1pm408-Ms. PhineALL
Dra. Michelle CoEndocrinologistWednesday and Saturday 9am-11am418-Ms. PhineALL EXCEPT MAXICARE & PHILCARE
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Michael Louie LimGastroenterologistWednesday 10-12nn407- Ms. JoanALL
Dr. Frederick TanGastroenterologistTuesday and Thursday 3pm-5pm
Saturday 10-12nn
411- Ms. GraceALL
Dr. Orlando AlanoGastroenterologistTuesday 12nn-2pm418-Ms. Cris EstibanALL
Dr. Arthur AlejandroGastroenterologistTuesday and Thursday 1-3pm418- Ms. JoanALL
Dr. Celedonio BruelGastroenterologistTuesday and Thursday 1-3pm418- Ms. JoanALL
Immuno Allergologist
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Joanne MallilinImmuno-AllergologistFriday 12nn-2pm415- Ms. Jenny MAXICARE, INSULAR, COCOLIFE, INTELLICARE , AVEGA (2 HMO ONLY PER CLINIC)
Infectious Medicine
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Desiree Mae OlazoInfectious MedicineWednesday 9am-11am & Thursday 2pm-4pm408-Ms. PhineALL 
Dra .Rizalita GonzalesInfectious MedicineWednesday 2pm-4pm409-Ms. PhineALL (NO MAXICARE)
Dra. Valerie VillanuevaInfectious MedicineTuesday 8am-10am , Wednesday 1pm-3pm, Saturday 2pm-4pmALL 
Internal Medicine
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Goldee LimInternal MedicineMonday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 3pm-5pm410- Ms. GraceALL
Dr. Allan TediongInternal MedicineMonday, Wednesday, & Thursday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-12nn412-Ms. Ish
Dr. Francis BugayongInternal MedicineWednesday 3pm-5pm411- Ms. AngieN/A
Dra. Czarina Jean De JesusInternal MedicineMonday 3pm-5pm & Tuesday, Friday 10am-12nn & Saturday 11am-2pm4C9
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Ting Tan,CherrylNephrologistMonday and Wednesday 9am-12nn411- Ms. GraceALL
Dra. Reynera,MaritesNephrologistThursday 1pm-3pm410- Ms. GraceALL EXCEPT MINOR
Dra. Bautista Maria FeNephrologistTuesday & Saturday 2pm-4pm409- Ms. GraceAll Cards Except Maxi
Dra. Mavis GaribayNephrologistFriday, Saturday 10am-12nn, 4C6All Cards
Dra. Kathryn RamirezNephrologistTuesday 3pm-5pm & Thursday 10am-12nn4C18
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Imelda IcasianoNeurologistTuesday Thursday Saturday 10am-2pm417 -Ms. Cris EstibanNo Card
Dr. Romulo EsagundeNeurologistFriday 10am-12nn418- Ms. JoanNo Card
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Nelson MallilinNeuro-PsychiatrySaturday 10am-3pm418- Ms. JoanNO CARD ACCEPTED
Dra. Jolly BustamanteNeuro-PsychiatryThursday 12nn-4pm4C18
Dr. Lorenzo GalanNeuro-PsychiatryMonday, Wednesday 9am-11am4c6
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Lisette Ocampo-MotosPulmonologistMonday, Wednesday Thursday 10-12nn
Saturday 10am-4pm
Tuesday and Friday 2pm-4pm
409-Ms. PhineALL
Dr. Tommy YauPulmonologistMonday 2pm-5pm Tuesday 10am-12nn409-Ms. PhineALL
Dra. Lalaine NicolasPulmonologistWednesday 1pm-3pm417 -Ms. Cris EstibanNO HMO
Dra. Cristale DyPulmonologistTuesday 9am-12nn4C11All cards
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Leweelynne AlcalaRehabilitation MedicineMonday 08:30am 12:30pm & Wednesday, Friday 9am-1pmRehabilitation- Ms. LorieALL
Dra. Angelita HebreoRehabilitation MedicineTuesday 2pm-4pmRehabilitation- Ms. Lorie
Dr. Timothy BugayongRehabilitation MedicineSaturday 9am-11amRehabilitation- Ms. Lorie
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Chito AbellarOncologistMonday 2-4pm (Private) and Friday (Walkin): 2pm-4pm407 – Ms. Joan
Dr. Michael SebastianOncologistTuesday 9am-12nn418 – Ms. Phine
General OB-GYNE
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Rizalie Jaranilla-De JesusObgyneMonday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12nn-5pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Analiza NoconObgyneTeusday 1:30pm-3:30pm and Friday 10am-12nn317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Analiza VytingcoObgyneMonday 11am-3pm, Wednesday 11am-2pm and Saturday 10am-2pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Aurea GonzalesObgyneMonday 10am-12nn317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Divina RojasObgyneTuesday9am-11am317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Amelia FranciscoObgyneFriday 2pm-4pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Djanna GenuinoObgyneMonday Wednesday Friday 12nn-2pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
Dra. Leah Octavi-RonquilloObgyneThursday 11am-1pm 317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Christi Ann Rose Castillo-AningalanObgyneMonday and Wednesday 3pm-5pm, Friday 10am-12nn317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Shuala PulidoObgyneThursday 11am-2pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Dra. Catherine MancolObgyneThursday 3pm-5pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
Dra. Janice AnonuevoObgyneMonday Wednesday Saturday 8am-10am317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
Dra. Djurizza AngueObgyneTuesday Thursday 8am-10am317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
Dr. Ronnel RodriguezObgyneFriday 3pm-5pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
OB-Infertility-Reproductive-Endocrinology-Laparoscopic Gynecologist
Doctor NameSpecilizationScheduleSecretary
Dra. Susana LaoObgyne/ Infertility/Reproductive/Endocrology/Laparoscopic/GynecologistTuesday And Thursday 2pm-5pm and Saturday 3pm-6pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Rojannah Sahagun
Thursday 10am-12nn317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
All Cards
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Anrew BuizonObgyne -OncologyTuesday 10am-2pm317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.SolAll cards
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Larnie Nicolas
Tuesday and Saturday 10am-12nn
317-Ms.Joan/ Ms.Sol
All cards
General Pediatrics
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHmo
Dra. Catherine TediongPediatricTuesday, Wednesday Friday Saturday 1pm-3pm412- Ms. GlendaALL
Dra. Nella MercadoPediatricMonday:2pm-4pm and Thursday 3pm-5pm and Saturday 3pm-5pm (1st & 3rd week of the month w/clinic)412-Ms. AngieALL
Dra. Marilen AbuegPediatricMonday, Tuesday, Friday, Satruday 10am-12nn415- Ms. JhenALL
Dr. Anthony GatdulaPediatricTuesday and Thursday 3pm-4pm414-Ms. AngieAll card no intelli&avega
Dra. Rosalia PilonesPediatricMonday & Friday 3pm-4pm415- Ms. JhenALL EXCEPT INTELLICARE
Dra. Ma. Julie BruelPediatricMonday Friday 2pm3pm415- Ms. JennyALL
Dra. Angelyn Torres-OgbacPediatricFriday 5pm-7pm415- Ms.RitchelALL
Dra. Claire GenuinoPediatricFriday 10am-11am415- Ms. JennyALL EXCEPT INTELLICARE
Dr. Cyndi Alonzo PediatricWednesday 10:30am-11:30am Saturday 1:30pm-2:30pm
Dr. Marco AndayaPediatricWednesday, Friday 4pm-6pm
Dr. Icene Rose CoPediatricWednesday, Friday 1pm-3pm
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Mercilyn YapPedia- CardiologistThursday 4pm-6pm415- Ms. JennyNo Card
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Jemelyn PunzalanPedia-NephroSaturday 2pm-4pm415- Ms. JennyALL
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra. Janet AdajarPedia-NeuroMonday and Thursday 10am-12nn415- Ms. JennyNO CARD ACCEPTED
Breast Surgery
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra.Melanie CruzBreast SurgeonWednesday 2pm-4pm315- Ms. RubyALL
Dra.Tiffany Rentillo- GuillasBreast SurgeonMonday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday Friday 11am-12nn309-Ms. YukaALL
General Surgery
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Iñigo Baste M. DabuGeneral SurgeryWednesday 1pm-3pm, Saturday 1pm-3pm315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Ariel ConsolacionGeneral SurgeryMonday,Wednesday and Friday 10am-12nn315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Leonard LaoGeneral SurgeryMonday, Tuesday , Thursday Friday, Saturday 3pm-6pm312- Ms. JhenALL
Dr. Eliseo SabalGeneral SurgeryThursday 3pm-5pm315- Ms. RubyALL
Dra. Analyn AnacinGeneral SurgeryTuesday, Thursday& Saturday 10am-12nn315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Philbert PamintuanGeneral SurgeryMonday and Thursday 1-3pm (By Appointment)315- Ms. RubyALL (BY APPOINTMENT)
Dra. Valerie Y. Chan-BorbeGeneral SurgeryMonday 1pm-4pm , Saturday 9am-12nn3C9ALL
Dra. Jzyryl AbillarGeneral SurgeryMonday Friday 1pm-4pm3C5
ENT (Ears Nose And Throat)
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Dondi ConcepcionEnt (Ears Nose And Throat)Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-12nn306- Ms. Ruby
Dr. Mark NoconEnt (Ears Nose And Throat)Tuesday Friday 1pm-3pm306
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Jeremias AlmeronOrthopedicsTuesday 10-12nn
Thursday 11am-12nn
315- Ms. RubyAll cards
Dr. Irewin TabuOrthopedicsWednesday 12nn-2pm and Thursday 2pm-4pm315- Ms. RubyALL 
Dr. Ricardo LiwagOrthopedicsFriday 2pm-4pm315- Ms. RubyNO CARD ACCEPTED
Dr. Alejandro LegaspiOrthopedicsMonday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-12nn 315- Ms. RubyALL EXCEPT INTELLICARE , AVEGA
Plastic Surgery
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dra.Ma.Jenica SoPlastic SurgeonTuesday and Friday 10am-12nn310-Ms. YukaALL
Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Christopher Ocampo (By appointment)Thoracic Cardiovascular SurgeonWednesday 1-3pm310- Ms. Ruby
Dr. Stewart Santos (By appointment)Thoracic Cardiovascular SurgeonFriday 10-12nn310.0
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dra. Grace Bernal *(NO HMO)*DentistMonday 2pm-4pm Wednesday Saturday 1-4pm3C16
Dr. Abel Asis *(NO HMO)*DentistSaturday 9am-12nn3C16
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Philip Arayata CesarOpthalmologyWednesday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 9am-11am314.0ALL EXCEPT MINOR; FOR APPROVAL
Dra. Rochelle GabogOpthalmologyWednesday 2pm-4pm308-Ms.RomaALL EXCEPT MINOR HMO’S
Dr. Paterno ChinOpthalmologyMonday 2pm-4pm308- Mr. JeromeALL
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretaryHMO
Dr. Apolonio LasalaUrologistTuesday and Thursday 2pm-4pm
Saturday 10am-12nn
315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Voltaire VenturaUrologistSaturday 2-4pm315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Cholson BanjoUrologistTuesday 12-2PM315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Jan Michael SilangcruzUrologistMonday, Wednesday Friday 10am-12nn315- Ms. RubyALL
Dr. Eduardo AnonuevoUrologistMonday, Friday 9am-11amALL
Dra. Christy Joy CastilloUrologistWednesday 3pm-5pm and Thursday Saturday 9am-11amAll cards No maxi
Dr. Adolph BagadiongUrologistMonday Friday 2pm-4pm3C15
Laparoscopic Surgery
Doctor NameSpecializationScheduleSecretary
Dr. Leonard LaoGeneral SurgeryMonday and Friday 1pm-3pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 3pm-5pm
312- Ms. Jhen
Dra.Melanie CruzBreast SurgeonWednesday 2pm-4pm315- Ms. Ruby
Dr. Eliseo SabalGeneral SurgeryTuesday and Thursday 3pm-5pm315- Ms. Ruby