Admission Guide

The Central Registration and Admission (CRA) Unit facilitates the admission of patients.

Patients shall take the necessary steps and submit the documents as required by CRA.

The CRA is located at the ground floor of the hospital building beside the Information Section. As soon as the patient receives the Physician’s Admitting Orders, he/she may already proceed to the CRA for the reservation of his/her room of choice. However, rooms are subject to availability.

The CRA will also explain the forms or consents needed and may call the health insurance for pre-approval to determine eligibility and estimated coverage. This will enable patients to know beforehand the cost of treatment and plan the best health care option with their Attending Physicians.

I. Physician’s Admitting Orders

Patient for admission should present a doctor’s admission order sheet to the CRA office indicating the requirements for patient care. If there is no doctor’s admission order sheet from their doctor or no other physician is known to them, the patient will be considered a “walk-in patient” in which case may be admitted through the Emergency Room.

II. Patient Information Sheet

This is a form that is required to be filled out by the patient for his medical records and registration in the hospital. It consists of details like full name, birthdate, complete address, gender, civil status, contact number, occupation, next of kin, etc.

III. Health Insurance and Identification Cards

If with HMO coverage, the patient should present the health insurance card within 24 hours upon admission together with two (2) valid IDs preferably Philhealth ID and other government-issued IDs.

IV. Hospital Agreement and Consent Form

This is a document that is required to be filled out and signed by the patient confirming his/her consent on hospital care, medical/procedural management, waivers, and financial responsibilities.

V. RT-PCR Test

As part of our intensive infection control protocols, result of the RT-PCR Test is mandatory for both the patient and his/her companion. The result is valid only within seven (7) days from the date of the specimen collection, not on the day results were released. 

VI. Initial Payment

Partial payments for non-emergency cases will be requested upon admission.  Amount required will be based on the cost estimates for the procedure needed by the patient.