There are nearby parking areas within walking distance to the hospital. Please note that these facilities are independent from the hospital and that parking fees will be collected.

As a valued client of DGMC the vehicle/motorcycle you registered is eligible for a Php 20.00 flat rate within 24hours of parking during confinement. Kindy-kindly secures your parking care/ticket upon entry and please present upon exit.

A regular parking fee will apply if this is not presented.

Only one [1] vehicle per patient will be allowed to park at any given time. Please take note that the parking management and its personnel are not liable for any theft, loss, or damage to the vehicle and or its content parked inside the parking area.

The ticket will be available from DGMC admitting section, upon admission.

Visiting Guide

Effective July 25, 2023 The following protocols will be implemented.

Hence, ICC highly recommends:

  1. Maintain mandatory wearing of face masks for all HCW’s and patients while within the hospital premises.
  2. COVID antigen tests are still required for HOUSE CASES, asymptomatic, fully vaccinated individuals prior to admission.
  3. COVID TESTING (NPS RTCPR or RAT) is still not mandatory for all surgeries (elective/emergency) as long as the patients are FULLY VACCINATED and ASYMPTOMATIC.
    ● For symptomatic patients regardless of vaccination status, (please refer to the previous
    recommendation regarding eligibility to undergo COVID testing), a minimum of Negative
    COVID NPS RAT is required.
  4. Cohorting and isolation of infectious cases will be continued as part of standard ICC precautions.
  5. Health Declaration Form for both ER and OPD triage has been suspended.
  6. Availability of HEPA filters would suffice in all OPD clinics: hence removal of acrylic barriers is recommended.
  7. Visitors are permitted to enter the premises in all areas (except for transition and isolation areas) but strictly during visiting hours only provided they are fully vaccinated
    and wear face masks at all times.

    Covid testing is not required for visitors.
    ● Visiting hours: 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM
    ● Number of visitors:
    (a) GNU – 2 per visit
    (b) ICU – 1 per visit
    ● Children below 5 years of age are still not allowed to visit admitted patients.
  8. One companion protocol will still be followed except for patients with special needs as
    stated in the previous memo.