Patient Guide

Important Document

Our objective is to help you get easy and become more comfortable in the hospital environment as quickly as possible. We encourage you to have with you the following documents (as applicable):

1.    Personal Identification (ID) with photo

  • Accredited HMO-issued member’s ID

  • Senior Citizen’s ID

  • PhilHealth ID

  • Persons with Disability ID

  • Healthcare insurance card or document

  • Digitized SSS ID


  • PRC ID

  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID

  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID

  • Driver’s License

  • Passport


2.   Signed Letter of Guarantee (LOG) or Letter of Authority (LOA) from your company (if you are an eligible employee for company healthcare hospitalization benefits)

3.   Any prior medical records, X-Ray films or test results (especially if you had a recent hospital confinement at another medical facility or hospital)

The  hospital  admissions  personnel  will issue  you  a  unique patient identification number in a bracelet  indicating your  full  name,  date  of  birth,  a  patient  ID number, and the name of your Attending Medical Doctor (AMD). The identification (ID) bracelet must be worn at all times during your hospital confinement. DO NOT REMOVE the ID bracelet until you are discharged from DGMC. This is for your own safety.